Talking through grudges and avoiding the keyboard warrior
Nathan E Botts
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Talking through grudges and avoiding the keyboard warrior

A gamer's take on how to remain calm when dealing with someone you disagree with

It happens to us all…someone or something catches us off guard and upsets us for some reason or another. Hidden behind our monitors and keyboards it is tough to understand the nuance of the situation or we have simply not found a way to appreciate the person on the other end. Sometimes what follows is vitriol, regret, and depending on how badly we flame or seek vengeance, even mental and physical harm. These episodes occur not only with random people but often with those we consider friends and family.

I saw this post a while back and went to investigate, and what I found was a pretty thorough walk-through on how grudges can begin and how a gamer can become a Keyboard Warrior before they know it. There are times to be heard, but there are also times to be cool.

Use the link below to watch Alberto Rengifo's video on YouTube.

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