Enhanced and Augmented Humans Enhanced and Augmented Humans

Enhanced and Augmented Humans

Looking Forward to the Future of eSports

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No longer pigeonholed as simply “disabled” or “handicapped”, we are finally coming into a time where humans with different anatomies, mind-sets, and abilities, whether due to disease, injury, or simply because they were born that way, are now being able to further push the cultural paradigm into seeing how unique circumstances create unique and amazing abilities. New technologies are enhancing and augmenting people’s ability to interface and interact with their world in ways that are transforming our perceptions of what it is to be normal and the beauties that...

What is Health eSports? How can I be be a Health eGamer?

Health eSports is about analyzing and providing education and information about the health needs of everyone who participates in esports and gaming in general. Health eGamers are esports athletes, streamers, and everyday gamers who understand the degree to which playing esports and virtual games of all types can and do impact their health. 

This site is dedicated to the eSports champions and champions to be who are out there competing, entertaining, and engaging fans across the world. The world of eSports are made up of athletes that cross cultures, age, gender, income, physicality, and intelligence, and makes for some of the most exciting sports matchups out there! There is one thread that connects them all though and that is the fact that they are athletes of the highest caliber who train, exercise, and dedicate themselves to their athletic art. In order to do so they need to be a Health eGamer!