Protect Your eSporters!
Nathan E Botts
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Protect Your eSporters!

How do you defend others against the Trolls?

Obviously this tweet sent out by Boogie2988 is a sad reminder of the satisfaction some people seem to get out of hurting others.

On the flipside though, it’s a beautiful commentary on the compassion of humans. Coming to aid Boogie2988 and the victimized fan were a legion of crusaders providing moral support and discussion on how to battle trolls. Overcoming the mental anguish that trolls can effect is its own game. Mental defense is as important to your health bar as anything else! I’m pretty sure that when a troll comes along, a good start is to yell “Avast ye trolls! Gods curse upon ye!”, and then completely ignore them. It can be a hard defense, but once mastered it can be very effective. Everything takes practice.

Boogie2988 posts: Proof that not only does the attacks on my weight bother me sometimes it ruins other people’s good times as well. Commentary on evil trolls and the boost that people can provide.

By the way, there were many comments about the role of the mods and where they should have stepped in. So for all you mods out there I think this article provides some good food for thought in protecting posters from Trolls: The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse

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