How can I reduce Mouse Shoulder pain?
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How can I reduce Mouse Shoulder pain?

eSports Mouse shoulder is not this cute

Stop it! Mouse Shoulder is not this cute!

Is Mouse Shoulder a problem for you? Mouse Shoulder results from prolonged usage of a computer mouse, which strains the upper body. But it's not the mouse who's to blame. The issue is because you're using a mouse without adequate arm support.

Performing repetitive movements in a fixed position with a limited range of motion causes mouse shoulder. Mouse Shoulder (also known as tendonitis, or inflammation of the shoulder tendons) affects an increasing number of eGamers, causing discomfort to radiate from the neck and shoulders down the arm and into the hand. Once the inflammation has subsided, ice packs, modified activity, and training to strengthen weakening muscles usually resolve the condition.

Simple changes in work habits and improved posture can help to prevent and decrease computer-related repetitive strain injuries. Utilize a broad surface or the arm of your chair if it's level with your desk to support your arm, or use a support device that allows you to keep your arm relaxed.

Watch this great YouTube video that we found and let us know if this helped!


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